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A remarkably easy win on Tuesday night versus HCC

As HCC earlier in the season canceled the match due to unavailability of players, it was decided to play a T20 on June 14 in the evening. The match took place at ground 2 at Westvliet.

HCC won the toss and elected to field first. A promising opening by Cedric de Lange and Farhaan Khawaja sadly resulted in a quick wicket. After 2 overs Farhaan got caught on the bowling of Sten Smith. Next batsman coming in is Hidde, who hits a four on his first ball. Unfortunately, the next over he also gets caught by Olivier Kloppenburg on the bowling of Thijs Vrolijk. Joining our very eager Cedric on the crease is Jakes Nel. They build up a great partnership with great running and a few beautiful boundaries. Cedric ends his innings with two very well-placed sixes once he gets bowled by Bouwen Meerder. He scored 36 runs from 31 balls. Tanveer Khawaja comes in and quickly builds up a great partnership of 32 runs with Jakes. Sadly, in the 16th over Jakes get bowled by a beautiful delivery from Teun Kloppenburg and he leaves the crease with 20 runs from 24 balls. In comes the skipper Nirav Kulkarni who unfortunately gets bowled on his fourth ball. Alejo Nota joins Tanveer at the crease but Gijs Buijtendijk is bowling acceptonally well and he takes both their wickets in the 18th over. Tanveer scored 22 runs of 23 balls. In come Tom de Leede and Daniel Razaqi. Tom starts off well with two fours but unfortunately, after six balls he gets bowled by Jorit Deutekom and he leaves the crease with 11 runs. Sachall and Daniel finish the match.
Our score : 119-9-20

Teun Kloppenburg and Victor Wiesmeijer opend the batting for HCC. VCC started the innings with really well bowling from Carlijn van Koolwijk. The first over also gives VCC their first wicket as they run out Victor Wiesmeijer. Bowling from the other end is Alejo who scores a wicket maiden on his first over with a great catch from Daniel, dismissing Teun Kloppenburg. Next batters from HCC are Chris Hammer and Olivier Kloppenburg. We continue the bowling with Tanveer who also gets a quick wicket and bowls Cris Hammer with a great ball. Tom the Leede is bowling beautifully from the other end and gets a maiden. In the field everyone is eager and the fielding looks great. After a short break from bowling Alejo comes back and takes his second wicket, with a great catch from Hidde at mid off. Daniel comes in and bowls very neatly as he also gets a wicket, with a great catch from the keeper, Cedric. Nirav comes in to bowl and also gets a quick wicket, again with a great catch from Hidde, and takes out Sten Smith. Bouwen Meerder manages to build up a great partnership of 43 runs with Thijs Vrolijk and stay in for 6.5 overs until Thijs gets bowled by Sachall, with a great catch from Tanveer. VCC is very active in the field and in the 17th over they run out Bouwen Meerder who leaves the crease with 28 runs. In the final over of the game Casper Snoek also gets run out and HCC finishes with 65-9-20. A great win for VCC.