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Match: VCC 3 vs Quick 3 Venue: VCC Ground 2 Date: 25th July 2021 (Sunday) Author: Naman Upadhyay/ RK Match four of the season with Quick. The Quick team had three youth players and were still trying to find footing in the competition with a newly...

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Match: VCC 3 vs ACC 3 Venue: VCC Ground 2 Date: 11th July 2021 (Sunday) Author: Rohit Khanna   On the match day, it had rained in the morning and thus the field was moist. VCC 3 won the toss and elected to bat first based on the anticipation...

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Match: VCC 3 vs VVV 5 Venue: VCC Ground 2 Date: 18th July 2021 (Sunday) Author: Dinesh Joshi aka (DJ)   It was a hot sunny day, ideal for the Indian expats in our team & for our honorary Zomi, Rutger “Jonty’ Beekhof. Our Skip Rohit lost the...

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