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15 years of financial mastery

After 15 years taking care of the financial administration of VCC, Agnieta Martienus handed over the baton to Rob d’Ancona on January 1. Imagine how long that is, 15 years! At that time VCC still played at Duivesteyn for example.

It is absolutely memorable and worth memorising a bit longer. As a board we will certainly do so one the right time is there. For well-known reasons, this is not possible now. For now, our enormous thanks belong to the woman who has looked after on VCC’s pennies all these years. But also the woman who has the wisdom to leave it to others at the age of 77: “Surely it is good if a younger generation picks this up?”

Agnieta, we wish you a wonderful VCC pension, which you can enjoy with a white wine in hand on the VCC terrace. We hope to be able to call on you once in a while!

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