16 juniors part of winter squads Dutch national junior teams

Last week the winter selections for the Dutch Lions and Lionesses were announced. Together with VRA, VCC can once again call itself the purveyor of the various youth selections with no fewer than 16 youth members. This winter they have the opportunity to play in the spotlights and wualify for the national youth selections for the summer of 2022 through the extra training sessions. The lucky ones are:

Boys Girls
Geronimo Nota (U12) Rosalie Lawrence (U15/U18)
Stefan Pijnenburg (U12) Carlijn van Koolwijk (U15/U18)
Miraj Mahmood (U14) Fleur Roscam Abbing (U15/U18)
Albert Nel (U14)
Alejo Nota (U14)
Tom de Leede (U16)
Cedric de Lange (U16)
Farhaan Khawaja (U16)
Shirsak Banerjee (U17)
Nirav Kulkarni (U17)
Haris Mahmood (U17)
Tobias Nota (U17)
Jacobus Nel (U17)

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