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A contest you won’t soon forget

Balls flying up and down the field from all sides. Are air castles being built here again or was something else going on?

Upon setting up the field, VCC’s zami’s were surprised by an air cushion in cow-corner. This one small bouncy castle had been placed on the field in agreement with VCC, but close to the fence so we would not be bothered by it. Very close to the fence, but just to be safe we shortened the boundary on that side and had a fielder guard this short side. A good catcher is important, so Kaushal had given his wicketkeeping gloves to Graham and taken on this task. With verve!

The opponent Red and White saw this short boundary and set out to take advantage of it. Not knowing that VCC’s bowlers had changed the tactical plan. The beautiful legside drives were often just too short, where Kaushal could walk quietly underneath. Another former wicketkeeper, David Cousins, followed suit and also plucked balls out of the air to his heart’s content. With for him another fine milestone of 100 wickets for VCC. It seemed that the plan was slowly moving in VCC’s direction.

Almost silently, another opponent loomed. Cheerful soccer players who occasionally mis-hit a ball and sent balls toward mid-stump. Can happen. That it happened a total of 80 or so times probably says a lot about the soccer quality on Wilhelmus’ family day. The necessary distraction by VCC’s bowlers allowed Red and White to accelerate nicely at the end of the innings, finishing on 231 runs.

The second innings VCC continued to struggle against Red and White’s medium pace balls and Wilhelmus’ footballs. The soccer quality of the families at Wilhelmus did not increase, but seemed on par with the weather resistance. A little rain and the family day was over and this opponent broken. In the rain break, the captains of VCC and Red and White looked at each other and determined of we also wanted to be home at a normal time. The match was shortened to 30 overs and the target set at 218.

Although we had no idea how Red and White calculated this score, with only 1 opponent, it appeared to go quickly with the score. The good running of Sander and Stephan laid a foundation on a nice partnership of 100+ runs. The rain made the outfield even faster which also benefited VCC and a few more balls went for 4. It also showed that wicket-keeping in the Zami is a profession of its own and wide were often doubled.

This match with an additional opponent will not go into the books, in which we were able to sit comfortably in the sun and watch the results of the Dutch national team in America together with Red and White. Nor because of Kaushal’s 3 catches, David’s 3 catches, Nick’s 4 wickets, Sander’s 50+ runs with the 50th run made after a drop or other misfields and miscommunication in running. We will especially look back with slight embarrassment to our guests from Red and White (apologies again) due to the situation with our neighbors. Next year I’ll enter the Zami in the family day tournament for even more amazement at this sub-culture.