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Anniversary weekend!

Oprichting Voorburg Cricket Club 1932

This weekend we celebrate the 90th anniversary of our club extensively.

The gentlemen Oosterhoff, van der Kolk, Sebök and (G.) van Thuijl could never have imagined how and where 90 years later this anniversary will be celebrated, but we will have some great parties this weekend!

July 2: for all members, fans, spectators, enthusiasts, young and old

On Saturday, VCC 1 will play two matches in the T20 Top Class, at 10:00 am against Kampong and at 5:00 pm against Excelsior’20. During the competition the BBQ buffet will open and a little later there will also be a DJ who will further increase the festivity. You can sign up here for the buffet (10 euros for adults and 7.50 for children under 12). The BBQ buffet has something for everyone: meat, fish, halal, veggie, etc.

Sign for the buffet

At 4.30 pm we will take a group photo of everyone who is present, as a souvenir of the anniversary day.

July 1: for juniors and their parents

The juniors already start the festivities on Friday. From 5 pm there is a cricket circuit for all juniors, supervised by various men and women internationals. After the circuit, everyone will have fries with the necessary goodies. You can always bring a boyfriend or girlfriend and here too we will try to take a picture of all juniors. The photographer will be there at 6:00 PM. We have at least 100 youth members, so we must be able to get at least 90 in the picture!

You can sign up for the fries with Annemijn, 06 – 1732 4430. Costs are 4 euros pp.

T20 games (men) - VCC 90 years