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Bar 2022

A short overview of the plans the bar committee (Mark Steffelaar and Karel Philipsen) has for the forthcoming season(s). 2022 will hopefully be a busy year with more matches and our 90th anniversary as icing on the cricket cake. Running and organising the clubhouse will be done differently. All aimed to create a more gezellig/cosy (and neater) clubhouse, with a more professional crew behind the bar and in the kitchen. We are busy finalising the plans, which entail the following:

  • we are looking for a team of six to eight young people  from outside the club to run the bar in weekends and for events. To this end we have reached out to the local hockey club Cartouche to see if we can find students willing to take this on as a paid seasonal job. This also implies we will no longer have team shifts anymore with Friday evenings as the exception.
  • this may impact the margin on the clubhouse sales. The last couple of years, however, have shown that shifts done by teams has become more and more of a problem. The large influx of new members also means people found it a challenge to do a shift with the clubhouse machine park, the routine behind the bar and in the kitchen on a very occasional basis. There was simply no routine. We hope that this crew will master these tricks quickly, ensuring a smooth run, a better atmosphere and a better service – and hopefully this will also partly compensate the salary costs.
  • we would like to bring about some changes on the other side of the bar also. The clubhouse should get the look and feel of a Woonkamer, a Living: a place where you feel welcome(d), like to be, stay a bit longer, and have some decent drinks and food during and after the matches.
  • This goes for the terrace as well and for the Buitenbar. Mark and Walter Grootens have almost completed a semi-permanent Buitenbar, spanning the width of the blue cabin!
  • Last but not least VCC will be looking for new cleaner(s) on a permanent basis

The bar committee could do with a couple of extra hands (4,6) as we know that even with all the measures mentioned above it will be a lot of work in the months prior to the first match and during the season. So, if you are happy to support VCC in either capacity (general organisation, interior design, co-ordination of bar crew, another helping hand), please send us a mail at barcommittee@voorburgcc.nl.