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Bar schedule 2012

Attached within this email you have received the VCC bar service schedule for 2012 till the 15th of July. The schedule for the second part of the season will follow in June.  Like before, every playing member has been scheduled to keep the VCC bar twice at most during the season. In case you can’t fulfill your bar service at a denoted moment, you are expected to arrange your replacement yourselves by switching duty with another VCC member.

  • –  The second attachment contains a file with telephone numbers and email addresses of all VCC members.
  • – Redemption of a duty must be notified two weeks in advance and will cost you € 40,-. Faillure to fulfill a bar service must be compensated by payment of € 80.-

Please confirm any switch or impediment by email a.s.a.p.!!! Mail to: janwillemaarnink@gmail.com

Dag  Datum Team 9.00 – 13.00 13.00 – 17.00  17.00-21.00
Zaterdag 21-apr start 12.00 Marc Nota start 15.00 Frits Holleman
Zondag 22-apr start 12.30 Marcel Versteegh start 15.00 Ashwin Kumar
Zaterdag 28-apr start 11.00 Rob d’Ancona start 15.00 Janwillem Aarnink
Zondag 29-apr VCC 1 Gijs Bins Floris Kingma Phillip Kingma
Zaterdag 5-mei VCC 3 xxx Rutger Beekhof John Colbran
Zondag 6-mei VCC 5 Alan Bacon Adam Cohen Kees Hoppener
Zaterdag 12-mei VCC 2 xxx Bilal Ahmad Tom Bollenmeijer
Zondag 13-mei VCC 5 Hamza Iqbal Tony Iqbal Kasim Kazmi
Donderdag 17-mei VCC 4 Atif Aziz Rizwan Butt Saqib Butt
Zaterdag 19-mei VCC 1 xxx Vivian Kingma Steffen Mulder
Zondag 20-mei VCC 4 Kaushik Jadhao Mohammed Qadar Kanwez Khan
Zaterdag 26-mei VCC 3 Aled Lewis Donny Maharaj Chander Kher
Zondag 27-mei VCC 4 David Cousins Waqar Khan Umair Razzagi
Maandag 28-mei VCC 2 Ivo Weever Hassan Bukhari Andy Collingwood
Zaterdag 2-jun VCC 1 Wilfred Diepeveen Harold Vogelaar Abbass Zaidi
Zondag 3-jun Zami Mark Veliscek Marek Molenbuur Sander van Wissen
Zaterdag 9-jun VCC 3 Marjan Hundepool Guus Beekhof Mike Vroom
Zondag 10-jun Zami Ivo Neurenburg Mark van Outeren Patrick van Aller
Zaterdag 16-jun VCC 3/5 Marjan Hundepool Peter White Richard de Lange
Zondag 17-jun VCC 2 Swapnil Deshpande Kashif Zaffar Bilal Ahmad
Zaterdag 23-jun VCC 1/5 David Dormits Balkumar Marthi Kaushal Marthi
Zondag 24-jun Zami Hans Gerstman Martin Koster Tony Krijger
Zaterdag 30-jun VCC 4 Marjan Hundepool Atif Aziz Rizwan Butt
Zondag 1-jul Zami Auke Nota Yves Nota Michiel Paulson
Zaterdag 7-jul VCC 1 Marjan Hundepool Gijs Bins Floris Kingma
Zondag 8-jul Zami Patrick van Aller Hans Gerstman Marek Molenbuur
Zaterdag 14-jul VCC 5 Adam Cohen Kees Hoppener Hamza Iqbal
Zondag 15-jul VCC 4 Robbert Verwayen Faisal Shah Punit Mehta