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Bar schedule

As agreed at the GMM, this year we assign bar shifts to the teams. Here you will find the overview of the shifts that each team is supposed to run. We have roughly the following set-up:

  • For home games of the first (often with another game on field 2 or 3) we have services with double manning in the afternoon and evening;
  • For double home games of the lower teams we have single manning;
  • On Sundays there is coordination between the youth committee and the senior team playing at home;
  • If there is a single home game, the bar can be closed when playing and then the host team is responsible for reception, lunch, drink after and opening and closing;

In this way we aim at two or three barshifts per team. It is up to the captains and the team (and the youth committee with the team managers) to determine who runs which service. The captain / youth committee can eventually designate players / parents of youth members for a shift.

You can also buy off your turn for € 50. You should let your captain know. Those who do not appear on a designated day/shift will receive a fine of € 100 and can only play again if that fine is met.

There are instructions for using equipment everywhere in the bar – in both cricket languages. The opening/ closing of the clubhouse is arranged per match day.

We do an urgent appeal to our players or their parents to run these shifts. It cannot be that other members – and then often board members – have to jump in to run another shift because members renounce their duties.

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