Winter practice for juniors starts!

Sunday November 6th we will start with winterpractice. The practice will continue into February and will be followed by the Flamingo Tournaments in March. On December 25th and 1st January there will be no practice. The cost for joining the practice will be €50,- for the whole of winter. The amount can be paid by transferring the

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Graswicket on VCC 1

Pitch Protocol

Foreword The grass square is being used at VCC for a couple of seasons now, but the guidelines for management of the square are probably not familiar to many members. Hence this protocol. A completely different approach and way of thinking about how we use our main field is required. The grass square is vulnerable.

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VCC U12 2 win in style again v Kampong

7 June 2014 – We played Kampong again at home.  Lost toss didn’t matter as we would have batted anyway.  Aryan (31 retired) and Jamieson (35 retired) got is off to a great start with many boundaries each and a nice 6 from Jamieson to finish.  Aarav (30 retired with 4 boundaries) also played some

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