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Chris Schinkel scores 10 years for VCC 1

During the T20 Final Day, the regular scorer of VCC 1, Chris Schinkel, was put in the limelight by the team. Chris celebrated this season that he has been scoring 10 years at VCC 1. And many players have experienced that. From Wilfred Diepeveen to Nirav Kulkarni, from Tim to Stijn and from Bilal Ahmed to Iftikhar Ahmad, from Malcolm Waller to Matt Smit. Of the players who played for VCC 1 in 2011, there are still two who did that this year: Viv Kingma and Steffen Mulder. And Harold Vogelaar played for VCC 1 in 2011 and is now showing his skills in VCC 2.

What a beautiful piece of history and what an anniversary to be proud of! Chris was delighted with a framed shirt that had all the names of the players who played for the first team in the 10 years that Chris has scored for VCC. Chris was certainly pleasantly surprised with this special memento.

Chris, on behalf of the club, many thanks for the many, many hours behind the scoring table (estimate: 10 years x 20 games x 7 hours = 1400 hours). We hope you will remain involved with the club for many more years to come!