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Come cricketing at Voorburg Cricket Club 1

Try Cricket with 3 free trial lessons
Two youth teams from VCC

3 free trial lessons

Would you like to learn how to play cricket? You are welcome to join VCC! With over 100 youth members, we are the largest and perhaps the most sociable cricket club in the Netherlands. You can play cricket as young as 4 years old. Don’t wait any longer and sign up now for 3 free trial classes.

3 free Cricket trial lessons


Babette and Nikki celebrate their club records
Babette and Nikki celebrate their club records


Cricket is a team sport for both boys and girls. It is a throwing and batting game, similar to baseball and baseball. Up to about age 13, youth play on mixed teams. The game is easy to learn, the rules are adapted to different age groups.

  • For boys and girls
  • For ages 4 and up
  • All levels
  • International





Cricket is very popular sport in countries such as England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and South Africa. This is reflected in the membership of Dutch clubs and thus also of VCC. Ever since the youngest youth, the teams consist of different nationalities and cultures. That makes playing cricket extra fun and special. VCC is a club where everyone quickly feels at home, no matter where you come from. We speak both English and Dutch at VCC.


Second sport

There are about 45 cricket clubs in the Netherlands. Sometimes combined with field hockey or soccer. VCC is a 100% cricket club, though there are many members who play another sport besides cricket. Cricket is therefore very suitable as a “second sport,” also because the match seasons match up.




Training will begin in late March/early April. After the summer break, training continues into September, depending on the weather. Youth train 2x a week, for an hour and a half. View the training schedule.


From November through March, youth through U15 train on Sundays at a gym in Voorburg. VCC hopes to build a new indoor facility on its own grounds in 2021. Then everyone, young and old, can play cricket year-round.

Training sessions are provided by qualified trainers. Some even play in the Dutch national cricket team. VCC’s youth department is very successful. Many boys and girls play on the national youth teams, the “Dutch Lions” and “Dutch Lionesses.

  • Qualified trainers
  • Many VCC youth players in national selection
  • Year-round cricket


Up to about 12 years, children play with a soft ball and with plastic cricket bats. You don’t need to purchase anything until that age, except sportswear. All materials are provided by the club. Then they switch to playing with a hard (leather) ball and a wooden bat, and then protective equipment is necessary. You can easily purchase these through the club. Games we play in VCC uniform, available at www.timdeleedesports.nl.




The competition season is short and intense. We play most games in May and June. Sometimes twice a week, on Wednesday afternoons and weekends. After the summer vacation, we often play a few more matches and the national finals (August/September).

There is also a national winter indoor competition in February/March for youth teams up to U15. Matches will be played against clubs from The Hague, Amsterdam/Amstelveen, Haarlem, Utrecht and Bloemendaal, among others. The games of the youngest youth do not last very long yet, about 1 to 1.5 hours. The older the children get, the longer the games can be.

  • Cozy club nights
  • Friday night family night
  • Eating together


Cricket is not only a fun and dynamic sport, but also very enjoyable. After each game, the team has lunch together with the opponent. Lunch will be provided by (the parents of) the home playing team. And as soon as corona measures permit, we will also continue another unique and cherished VCC tradition, and that is family night on Fridays. All youth teams practice on Friday afternoons, and afterward the youth and parents eat together. Often VCC members cook and we eat the most delicious dishes from all kinds of cultures.


Parent Involvement

VCC is a family club, many members have siblings or parents who also play cricket. That makes for a lot of bonding and cohesion. But of course you are also welcome if you want to play cricket as the only one in the family. You certainly won’t be alone at VCC then!

We can only make the club grow and prosper if everyone contributes. For example, parents provide lunches at youth games, carpool and bar shifts. A fun way to get to know many people. As an adult, do you play cricket yourself? Then you will surely get a scorebook pressed into your hands at some point.


Try out now

Want to try one of the most fun sports out there? Then come play cricket at VCC. The first three lessons are free. If you like it, join VCC. We hope to see you soon!


3 free Cricket trial lessons