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Results VCC membership survey – Results VCC survey

A short survey was sent to VCC members in January 2011. There are 96 members who opened the survey, 52 of whom completed the survey. Herewith the main results.

In January 2011 members of VCC had the opportunity to participate in a shorts survey. 96 members opened the survey, 52 of them responded. Here the results.


The main strengths of VCC, according to the members, are the conviviality and atmosphere, the beautiful facilities and location, and the activities and trainings for the youth.

Points for improvement
Points that could be improved at VCC are particularly member involvement, board issues such as communication to members and organization around games and practices. Regarding the first point (member involvement), it is gratifying to report that several members volunteered themselves in the survey for board work (4), the bar team (29), or other ad hoc jobs (19).

Change of playing days
A majority of members (55%) are in favor of changing the playing days of youth and seniors, but there is also a significant group (24%) against it. It is clearly a choice that has both proponents and opponents. It is good that the board asked the members for an opinion on this, there is now a clear rationale for an opinion to the KNCB.

The board thanks everyone who participated for their input and will work with the results!


Members appreciate the atmosphere, the facilities, the activities and the practice sessions for the juniors.

Improvement areas
Involvement of members with club activities, communication by the Board to the members and the organization for lower level seniors and higher junior groups can be improved. With respect to the first point it is encouraging to see that members showed interest in a Board function (4), the bar team (29), or ad hoc work (19).

Swapping Saturday-Sunday
A majority supports this idea (55%), whereas approxiamtely 24% is opposed. It will help the Board formulating a response to the Dutch Cricket board as this issue has both opponents and supporters

The Board would like to thank everybody for their input. We will put in place a plan to address the issues raised.