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Corona rules per June 5

Youth competition

The youth competition from U9 to U17 can start again from June 6th. The KNCB has already shared the schedule for this first competition weekend by email with (match) secretaries and youth coordinators. When setting up the competition, the smallest possible travel distances between the clubs themselves have been taken into account.

Spectators are not allowed at the games yet. For the club playing away, the parents who bring the players by car are seen as supervisors. They can watch the match. It is assumed that the number of cars used to bring the children is limited to a minimum. It is not the intention that every parent brings their own child by car. When people from several households are in the same car due to sports activities, people aged 13 and over wear a face mask.

Senior Competition

The senior competition is in the final phase 5 of the government’s step-by-step plan. These plans are scheduled for the month of July. If these are pushed forward, we will of course report this immediately. What may be mutual competitions at the club of teams within 1 association. This was already allowed for youth up to 18 years, but now also for people older than 18 years. No spectators are allowed at these matches.

Keeping 1,5 meters away is canceled

More good news, because the 1,5 meter distance that applied outside for athletes aged 18 and older has been cancelled. The maximum group size of 30 people no longer applies to this target group. This has been increased to 50 people.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms and showers are allowed to open. Watch out for legionella danger, therefore rinse for a long time before use.

Sports canteens and terraces

Sports canteens and terraces are allowed to open between 06:00 and 22:00. A permanent seat at the table is mandatory. Seating at the bar is not allowed. Self-service is also not allowed. A maximum of 50 people are allowed in the sports canteen and on the terrace. Reservations, registration and health check are required. A maximum of 4 people can be booked at the same time. This is with the exception of children up to the age of 17 and persons from the same household.

Spectators at matches from the Top and Hoofdklasse

At matches from the Top and Hoofdklasse, spectators may be present without testing:

  • 50 seated spectators at < 1000 regular seats
  • 250 seated spectators at > 1000 regular seats
  • With corona test proofs, 100% of the seating capacity can be used at a distance of 1.5 meters.

If it is not possible to offer seated seats, chairs can also be placed for the public or you can be asked to bring your own (garden) chair. Of course, always pay attention to the 1,5 meters away when setting up.

It is important that before admitting spectators from the top competitions and the way in which, permission must always be requested from the local government. We have now requested this from the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg.


For the most up-to-date news and all details, we refer you to the NOC/NSF’s Responsible Sports protocol.