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Cricket after April 28

The government has announced that it wants to facilitate sports again for juniors (under certain conditions) after 28 April. The conditions, of course, relate to safety and aim at limiting the risk of infection with the Corona virus.

This first requires permission from the municipality. They have to allow the sport accommodations to open up. It helps if we can discuss protocols on how we think we can safely practice our sport. Those protocols have now been published in general by NOC * NSF. Together with the KNCB we are now working hard on a specific cricket protocol (how many children can be in the nets at the same time,  how can you let the ball go from hand to hand, etc.).

Hopefully, the result will be that we can start making schedules and take the necessary precautions as soon as possible. When all signals are green we will do everything we can to maximize the number of times when you can come to training.