Cricket schedules after July 1 will be detailed in the near future, please stick to the measures!

Of course, the Board of VCC was pleased to learn that the government has decided that competitive matches can be played again on July 1. And how nice it is to open up again the clubhouse soon (a major cleaning is scheduled for Monday).

Where and when there will be cricket after July 1 is not yet clear. It partly depends on how the KNCB is going to shape this and that again depends on the availability of the fields. To give an example: because of the renovation of the Wilhelmus fields, we had anticipated that we would play many home games in the first half of the season, especially as the availability on 1 July would be significantly less than usual. With 9 junior teams, 6 men’s teams and a women’s team, it will be clear that we can’t play all these teams in a weekend with only the main ground available, even if half of the teams are playing away.

In short, we are in close contact with the KNCB, Wilhelmus and the municipality to offer our members as much cricket as possible in the coming months. That is quite a puzzle. For the exact details we therefore ask for your patience and we count on your understanding if in these special circumstances plans sometimes work out slightly different than (pre-Corona) devised.

And oh yes, please stick to the Corona measures so we don’t have to close the ground again. So:

  • keep 1.5 meters distance
  • do not shake hands
  • stay at home with a cold / illness
  • wash / disinfect hands

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