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End of season chores 2020 – Volunteers needed!

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Given the situation we’re in, we’ve had a more than successful cricket season this year. Even though it’s hard to believe, winter is ultimately coming and we need to leave the accommodation in acceptable condition. Our ground is under construction already but we have some remaining chores, in and around our clubhouse, which we would like to tackle together with you.

To ensure we can do this, the clubhouse committee is organizing a ‘day of chores’ on the 27th of September, starting at 10:00 AM. Chores include: tidying and cleaning the kitchen, cleaning up the garage and of course getting all our furniture inside. In case the heavy lifting chores are not your thing, we’ve identified several tasks up front to pick up together. Additionally we would like to seize this opportunity and invite you to brainstorm on what you would like the clubhouse to look like in the 2021 season.

Hard work makes you thirsty, so we will close the day with drinks, organized by our bar committee!

Please register through this link.

Since we only allow 15 people inside the clubhouse at all times, we have limited availability.