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Festivals at VCC on June 15 and July 7

Next month there are two festivals at VCC.

Next week is the KNCB Cricket festival, aimed especially at girls and women. Over 70 participants have already signed up, so take your chance (experienced or inexperienced) and use the QR code below to sign up too.

In early July, VCC will host the Colours of India festival for the 3rd year in succession. At the same time, VCC teams are also playing competition. A lot of fun, cricket, good food, so every reason to come along.

Saturday, June 15 Sunday, July 7

Time: 12-PM – 8-PM

Location: VCC Cricket club

Event Highlights

Live Performances: Enjoy traditional and contemporary Indian music and dance performances.
Food Festival: Savor a variety of Indian cuisines from different regions, featuring street food, sweets, and more.
Market Bazaar: Shop for traditional Indian attire, jewelry, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

Join us for a day of cultural immersion and celebration. Experience the vibrant spirit of India right in your city. Bring your friends and family to the Colors of and make it a day to remember!

Free entry using the link https://tinyurl.com/573uwp5w