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Final Champions-VCC 💪

Date: 9th Sep 2023
Team: Bhaskar (wk), Naman, Ahsen, Jenagan, Tanveer, Pranav, Navjot, Mohsen, Amrit, Karthik, Sarath, Rohit(c), Sajjad (12th friend).
Team booze manager: DJ, Batting coach: Banerjee (NK), Sledging specialist: Mr. Mandal
When the date was scheduled for this rematch, I had hoped for a rainy day in September that would spare us the long travel to Eindhoven. Ironically, it was not meant to be, instead we saw record breaking temperature and humidity. It was a straight shoot-out to enter Transition Class next year and we prepared well in the run-up to the day.
VCC was put in to bat first and suffered the first blow with Mohsen’s wicket, not the start we wanted. Jenagan at 3rd was just starting to establish himself but played one on the stumps.
A rash shot attempt saw Tanveer’s stumping (35r), the score 71/3 in 13th over. Both the new batters, Rohit and Amrit, decided to steady the innings. Just when we were re-building, a double wicket jolt of Amrit (26r) and Naman rocked us and VCC were wailing at 115/5 in the 24th over. We have been in this weak situation in the past and have managed to come out. A good partnership developed between Ahsen and Rohit, until Rohit(44r) voluntarily walked-off after gloving-one.
Ahsen continued with all his might and the actions that are synonymous with clobbering.
He smashed an unbeaten 112r/52 ball, 4 fours and 13 sixes. The first fifty runs came is 33 balls, the rest 60runs came is 19 balls. His special innings set the team in a commanding position at 266/9 in 40 overs. It was not going to be easy for the home team despite the home advantage and crowd support.
Disciplined bowling to choke the runs led to quick opposition wickets despite some lost opportunities. Navjot was unfortunate to have not got those wickets under his belt. The game seemed in control with a lid on the run rate, opposition was now 83/6. Our bowling unit was challenged by 7th number batter with some clean hitting shots. Fortunately, a catch drop did not create much misery for us, and he was dismissed in the next over by imitation Shaheen Afridi. The match now fully under control. Everyone in the bowling unit got wickets, with Amrit (3), Anna (2), Singh, Tani and Jena (1), Ahsen (2). Ahsen was the unanimous choice for the man of the match for his stellar performance in the finals.
VCC secured a comprehensive victory by 74runs.

KNCB - 2e Klasse - HTCECA 2 v VCC 3


Season Summary:
The current vcc3 team is built on the foundations of the previous teammates who won the championship title in 2021(3rd class), 2022 runners-up (2nd class) and now champions (2nd class) in 2023. The team was rejuvenated with younger skillful players and that paid dividends.
In batting, Tanveer, Mohsen and Jenagan ended at 5th, 13th and 39th spots.

In bowling: Sarath Anna and Ahsen seth at the 19th spot.

The team had a good vibe and individuals backed each other by placing the team before oneself. The team is now poised to play Transition Class in 2024, this is an exciting opportunity and a challenge. A lot needs to be done to upgrade our skill, fitness level and discipline during the winter season.
Mission 2024: Aim for the moon, if we miss, we will still land among the stars.