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First stage of league fixtures VCC 1 (m)

The KNCB has published the fixtures list for the first phase of the Topklasse . VCC will start on April 23 with an away match against Excelsior’20, the same opening as last year, hopefully with a different result. In the first phase, VCC is placed in group B with VOC, VRA, Exclesior’20, Dosti and Salland.

The league format will look slightly different this year, because there are twelve teams in the Topklasse, which should be reduced to ten for the 2023 season. In that first phase, the twelve clubs are divided into two groups of six. Via ten matches (five opponents, home and away) it will be determined who will compete for the championship in the second phase (top-3, together with the top-3 of the other group) and who will fight against relegation (bottom-3, together with the bottom-3 of the other group). That should be known by mid-June.

Next, a block of T20 (mid-June – mid-July) will follow and then the play-offs and play-downs of the 50 over league. In the second phase, home and away matches are played against the three teams that were not played against in the first phase. The points from phase 1 are carried over to phase 2.

After phase two, the play-offs follow (just like in 2021) for the national championship:

  • Preliminary Final: No. 1 – No. 2
  • Semi-final 1: No. 3 – No. 4
  • Semi-final 2: Loser Preliminary Final – Winner Semi-final 1
  • Grand Final: Winner Preliminary Final – Winner Semi-final 3

For the play-downs after phase two:

  • The no. 11 and 12 are automatically relegated
  • The No. 10 plays a promotion-relegation match against the champion of the HK. Winner stays/goes to TK 2023

By the way, this year the scoring will again be just 2 (for a win) – 1 (tie) – 0 (rained off), with ample opportunities built in to replay. This is also possible if internationals are called up, as there is a substantial international program this year.

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