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Friday evenings: Serve your own cuisine!

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As our cricket season gears up, and the governmental restrictions ease up day by day with the vaccination drive- we are all set to resume Friday evenings! It’s a great socialisation opportunity for all VCC members to begin the weekend. After a long week of work, it gives us a well-deserved break where we not only eat and drink together but also get the opportunity to get to know each other and strengthen our VCC bonds. Although the number of members has been growing every year, involvement is not reflected in a similar proportion to Friday evening attendance.

Indeed culture plays a role, as VCC becomes pretty diverse from this perspective. However, diversity opens up a lot of opportunities to experience and explore perceived challenges. In the beginning, it can seem quite difficult, but once we try to come out of our shells and use the club atmosphere to collectively appreciate our uniqueness, we will be able to celebrate our togetherness with lots of fun.

To accomplish this, our goal this year is to get more parents involved in Friday evenings to organise the dinner and particularly new parents so that the old folks can teach, experience further and our club culture can continue to strive for excellence. We urge you to become inclusive and at the same time, the veterans to make you feel included. The involvement of more parents will make the horizon of socialisation wider, and the club arena more fun and enjoyable. It will help us to grow as a cohesive unit. It will help the club become financially healthier which will, in turn, create further improvement opportunities for our children!

It requires initiative, commitment, and indeed some effort from the parents to organize these Friday evenings. Looking at the number of parents, the length of the season and friendliness among ourselves, the fun and satisfaction will surely override the effort required. It demonstrates diversity on one hand, and inclusion on the other hand. So, why hesitate? Here is a platform to unleash your talent and potential to prepare and serve your own cuisine. The moment you show your willingness, help is available at every corner and mouths will start watering! We can’t wait!