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Great Redemption Win For VCC U15 Red!

The Toss

Harsh went out for the toss hoping to win and bat first and that’s what happened. The reason that batting first was the better option for us is because the boundaries were small, grass was short and we came to the game with a strong batting Lineup.

First Innings

Harsh and Aarush opened the batting. We soon discovered that if we hit hard, boundaries will come along the ground, and if we hit soft, quick singles are available. Aarush got a loose ball in the 4th over and didn’t wait to dispatch it for 4 however the next ball he got caught and bowled. Next came Ruchir who had proved to be a worthy batsman in the nets and he came with confidence. He hit 3 fours in a row and created an important partnership with Harsh. Unfortunately he played one too many big shots and got a top edge caught by short third man. Great job with 36 runs. Next came Steve but was out by a cracking ball not too long later. Next in was Aryan B who was playing some brilliant shots. In the 22nd over Harsh retired on 61*. Second 60* for him in his first games of a season, great job by him. After that wickets tumbled and since VCC had one less player than HBS, Harsh was back in. First ball back he smashed a six over square leg and ran hard. He was the highlight of the first innings scoring a wonderful 70* off 65 balls. 6 fours and 1 six.

Second Innings

VCC were very content with the total that we racked up but we knew that extras would be very costly. We bowled very tight and took quick wickets however one batsman was smacking us, same like last week. Sri bowled some beautiful off spin which finally took his wicket and from then on we were dominating. We kept on taking wickets and the last two were at the crease. We went full attack mode but they were blocking every ball. Harsh knew what would get these batters out and put himself to bowl. A great decision in the end as second ball of the over we took the victory.

Captains Report: Harsh Rathore

I think that this game was a major improvement. In the batting department we managed to score a big total that we were content with defending. I was very impressed with how much my teammates learned from the last match and how we implemented that today. Going forward I think the most important thing to practise is running between the wickets, mainly, Calling and learning to drop the ball and run when needed. The reason that we should practise this is because only a couple of people in our team do this and it can add 20+ runs to our total.

See the stats on matchcentre.kncb.nl/match/134453-6588666/scorecard/?period=1808697