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Hague T20 Cup becomes the Next Communications T20 Cup

The tournament that counts as the opening of the cricket season, and was previously known as the Muntaz Cup, the ChicKing Cup and the Ponnting Wines T20 Cup, will be called the Next Communications T20 Cup for the next three years. That is what Next Communications CEO Jingesh Dave and VCC President Richard de Lange agreed on Wednesday evening, April 9. On Sunday, April 14, the first version will be played under the new name ( see program below)

Next Communications makes it possible for businesses to communicate with its fans, members, customers, passengers, etc. anywhere in the world via WhatsApp. This video explains that in brief:


The company and its CEO has tremendous passion for cricket and, according to Jingesh Dave, is happy to commit to the national champions in men’s (50 overs) and women’s (40 overs and T20). The first displays will already be visible at the T20 Cup on April 14, but parties are working on further details of the collaboration.

So on Sunday, a new name and a slightly new format of the Hague T20 Cup. This is the program:

10:30 – 11:30 VCC – HCC first innings, 15 overs
11;30 – 12:30 HBS – Quick first innings, 15 overs
12:30 – 13:30 VCC – HCC second innings, 15 overs
13:30 – 14:30 HBS – Quick second innings, 15 overs
3 p.m. FINALE

In addition, before the start, teams will be allowed to nominate an impact player from a maximum of two substitutes, who may be traded in before the 11th (15 overs) or 14th (20 overs) over of a match.

It does not look to be warm (13 degrees), but it will be dry on Sunday. Good cricket guaranteed, and entry is free, so come all!