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How Frits ‘Fiver’ Holleman took 5 wickets!

Frits Fox Holleman took 5 wickets against the Wanderers Zami (15 jun 2024). “The fysio has cleared me to play… but I shouldn’t be running”

The Frits effect

Saturday 15. June started off like any other Saturday this season, with rain, gloomy weather, sunshine and rain again, all within the space of 15 minutes… on repeat. Little did we know that history would be written on this day. See the full highlights below.

The place and setting was Wanderers in Oss (that is in Brabant) which is a stiff drive of one-and-a-half hours… if you choose your route wisely. Minutes before we set off from VCC, we were startled by a late drop-out. A quick scan around the VCC cricket park learned us that there was little interest for a jolly good tour ride deep into Brabant, so we would be one player short.

“The fysio has cleared me to play… but I shouldn’t be running”

Luckily Frits had been able to reassure us of his fitness the night before with the legendary words ‘The fysio has cleared me to play… but I shouldn’t be running’. We weren’t sure if this was the Frits-Fysio or his dog’s fysio, but Frits was fit to play and that was most important.

Due to the ever-advancing technological enhancements around Cricket fields these days we had a special weather cam installed by some frog company at the Wanderers, which real-time images gave us good hope that penguins wouldn’t stop play and that we would get a game in.

Upon arrival we were welcomed by the friendly people of the Wanderers. The field was exactly as we had visualized (yes we do our homework with earlier mentioned technological enhancements). The field was long and narrow, with big trees lining the fence, which meant two things:

  1. Don’t run your head against a tree when trying to stop a ball.
  2. Hitting the overhanging branches results in a six, unless you catch the ball, then it’s out.

Typical local Cricket rules, so completely logical.

Anyway, Wanderers won the toss and Prem (2 for 11 in 4.2) & Floris-Fladdermouse opened the bowling. After a little resistance the opening pair was broken with an excellent catch behind the wicket soon followed by a clean bowled by first changer Chris Farrel. From then on it was a come & go of batsman, or so to say ‘Wandering batsmen’.

At 15.18 and the score 92 for 6 after 24 Captain Sander threw the ball to last minute call-up Frits Holleman. 9 Minutes later Frits the Holyman had scalped 3 wickets in four balls, pure carnage but also pure jug avoidance as he allowed a single between these scalps (he missed his yorker length by an inch). He followed up with two more wickets in his next over.

The first batsman was clean bowled, the second got stumped by father Parker, who had an excellent game behind the poles btw. The third wicket was a sharp return catch by the Fritzanator himself, but the fourth wicket was the most enjoyable to watch:
The batsman was beaten by pace, running towards the ball as it wasn’t coming quick enough towards him, then realizing he could be stumped so literally circled around the ball and headed back towards his crease, meanwhile forgetting that the ball just followed its original trajectory that Frits had given it and therefor having the perfect view to see that ball crash into his own stumps.

Fiver-Frits finished it off with great tactics, he set the batsman up with some bait (a calculated six) and then bowled the same ball that disappeared into the hands of Marek ‘Arnie’ Molenbuur, who had been smartly repositioned by our skip, at backwardssquarelegboundary. Prem finished the innings with a clean bowled, although the batsman only realized this when almost turning for the second run. Cricket club Oss had stranded on 122, which was exactly the amount of minutes driving from VCC to Oss. What are the odds.

In reply we passed their score in 18 overs with good scores from Harold (66 rtno), Graham Parker (21 no). But the shot of the day was the lofted cover drive into an innocent tree by Mohammad Qadar!
So don’t be afraid to watch the shortened highlights below of this low scoring but highly entertaining encounter on the day that has been named Hollemans’ History day for a reason.

Highlights Wanderers Zami v VCC Zami

Highlights Wanderers Zami - VCC Zami 15 jun 2024