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In Memoriam Hugo de Heer

Hugo was a great sports and especially cricket enthusiast.

For years he was an avid supporter of VCC, especially the first team.

The Dutch Championship of his beloved Voorburg club was a wonderful and memorable moment for him in particular.

A fellow member of our club once wrote, that some supporters even had tears in their eyes then. Hugo was one of them!

He could enjoy himself like the best and having fun runs like a thread through his life. Together with friend Rob Tolk on Texel bird watching, playing soccer, volleyball and cricket. On his sport bike, he regularly rode alone to the beach to enjoy birds and nature.

Several times I spotted his bike at the beach and spoke to him.

He was always up for a chat then.

This vital and striking figure with his shorts and inseparable racing bike followed … perhaps also a bit generational … his own nature.

Which, in turn, this cricket friend enjoyed sharing with others.

He was witty and his humor was infectious. We will never forget his almost cabaretesque and hilarious story about his telephone conversation with the Rotterdam cricket club VOC. How often we laughed together then and afterwards.

That pleasant atmosphere always had Hugo with him. He never played on opposites and took everyone as they were. Not for nothing did his professional career consist of social work. According to reports, he supported many young people in the process.

He showed this helpfulness at our club as well.

The regular organization of mega-sized outdoor volleyball tournaments underscore this service of his all the more.

In addition, Hugo was an all-around athlete pur sang.

For example, he was an excellent volleyball player at Tonegido.

And as an avid soccer player in Tonegido I, he had a hard shot in his legs and you could find him moving smoothly and very agile in midfield and in the backline. An athletic player he was undoubtedly in this regard.

At VCC, Hugo has been a cricketer and supporter from his days at Rodelaan until now at the beautiful Westvliet cricket complex!

We VCC-ers remember and cherish your often present smile, but also that pensive look in the distance … beach, sea, green cricket fields and beautiful birds in the sky … rest with this softly and in peace Hugo.

Paul Kors, on behalf of your VCC friends.