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Introduction of the new Board members


Kobus Nel
Acting chairman
I was born and went to school in Bellville, a suburb of the greater Cape Town area in South Africa. I loved ball sports from a young age and enthusiastically played cricket, rugby and tennis at school. My cricket ‘career’ probably peaked a bit early as I played in the Western Province U13 team with the likes of Jacques Kallis (my peak was where he started). I went to the University of Stellenbosch, studied accounting and also played some cricket for university teams. After my university studies, I completed my accounting articles at PwC in Cape Town before starting in corporate finance at a large South African financial services company. A good friend and I joined forces in business in 2006 and from there built Fairtree into a mid-sized fund management business. My wife, Alisha, and our four boys (Jacobus, Francois, Albert and De Villiers) moved to the Netherlands two years ago to pursue some new business opportunities for Fairtree in Europe and the UK. Our oldest three boys are passionate cricket players and have really enjoyed the VCC youth cricket environment. Part of our family values are to get involved and make a positive contribution where we can in all facets of life. As such, I wish to support VCC in any role or responsibility as required.


Geert Rutgers
The longest serving board member and therefore also more well-known. Father of Wouter (20) who suddenly was elected cricketer of the Month over 10 years ago and never left. Married to Louise and next to Wouter also father of Marije and Joke. My working life I spent as a controller in a health care organisation.


Johan Polet
I am a father in a family that furthermore consists of a mother, Nynke, two children, Donna and Jonathan, and various pets, Cinna, Bugs and Bunny. Nynke is team manager of the VCC ladies, Donna plays in VCC ladies/U17 and in the Dutch Lionesses, Jonathan is in VCC U13. Until recently, I was the human member of the non-cricket panel of our family, joined only by a dog and two rabbits. Not a good place to be. Hence, I am grateful to have been appointed secretary to the VCC board, which has raised my status in the family considerably. That said, I still cannot tell the difference between a stonewaller and an agricultural shot, or between a leg bye and a bye, and I still have not mastered the concept of leg before wicket, so I’ll try to focus on organizational stuff within VCC. Having read law at Leyden University and having been a lawyer ever since, I anyhow try to give people the impression that I know a bit about organizations and about rules governing clubs such as VCC. Next to my professional life, I play squash competitively, I love to ski in winter and road cycle in summer. During my studies I was chairman of a student athletics club and I was treasurer of the young friends of the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague until a few years ago. I hope to see many of you on or around the VCC pitch soon.


Maarten le Noble
Chairman youth
My name is Maarten le Noble (1973) and I have been a board member at VCC for more than a year and am responsible for the youth. Although I grew up with HBS, where my father was a player and  chairman, I can now say with conviction that VCC is my club: a casual, cozy family club, where people look after  each other and where there is room for all walks of life and nationalities! During my primary school period I also played myself. My son (Philip U11) started at VCC a few years ago and we as a family became infected with the VCC virus! Besides Philip I have a daughter (Julie) of 13 and I am married to Claartje. The past 20 years have held various management and consulting positions in IT, the last few of which were self-employed. In addition, I took up my hobby last year and I also work as a freelance chef at Mama Kelly in The Hague. These skills haven’t gone unnoticed within VCC, so that next year I will also be involved in the operation of the clubhouse in addition to youth.


Victor van Koolwijk
Board member accommodation
After my birth in 1972 in a hospital in Leiden, I spent my whole childhood living with great pleasure in Leiderdorp. Besides school I mainly spent my time on the fields of the local hockey club. After finishing high school, the wide Netherlands beckoned. I spent 6 years in Groningen, partly to follow and complete my business economics studies. Then moved to the deep south and worked for DSM for a number of years from Maastricht. At the turn of the century, the call of the Randstad became louder and in 2000 I settled in The Hague as now married man. In Groningen, Maastricht and briefly in The Hague, I was still active on the hockey field, but after the birth of my eldest daughter I became mainly a sports observer and follower of the hobbies of her and her two younger sisters. The big advantage of this was that it broadened my horizon. A few years ago when my youngest daughter Carlijn suggested that cricket seemed to her to be fun and, spurred by her nephew and niece, told us we had to go to Voorburg, I thought that was an excellent plan. The rest is history, for a number of years she has been playing cricket in the VCC youth with great pleasure and last year I picked up the bat myself and joined the ZOMIs. The open and casual atmosphere around the cricket ground in general and at VCC in particular means that I would like to contribute to this and with great enthusiasm will focus on our accommodation for the years to come.


Floris de Lange
Match secretary
I am Floris de Lange and will be on the board from this season as match secretary. I was born in The Hague in 2000. I have been playing cricket since I was 8 and I play in the first or seconds. Until last season, I have always played football at RKAVV, but I stopped this season to fully focus on VCC and my studie. I study Business Administration in Rotterdam at the Erasmus University and I am in my second year. The rest of my family Is also involved at VCC: my brother, Cedric, plays in the U15, my father has been chairman and my mother can often be found along the boundary. I always liked to help with the events we had at VCC and when I was asked to join the board this winter I didn’t have to think long to make a bigger contribution to our club. Oh I will follow up the other Floris, so you can continue to email / whatsapp / call with a Floris as match secretary, only one with a different surname ;-). I like the way in which we interact with each other within VCC and how so many members are involved with the club. I am looking forward to making this season a great one despite the current situation! Hopefully see you on the field soon!




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Richard de Lange

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  • Best wishes to Maarten, Victor, Geert, Kobus, Johan and Floris. Appreciate the way you are reaching out to VCC members and trying your best to keep the positivity during this crazy times of Covid-19. We, all are desperately hoping to be in VCC ground to see the beautiful game of cricket. However we need to now behave more responsibly than ever to combat this hard reality. Again keeping fingers crossed to come and meet together as one VCC family. Meanwhile stay safe and sound and POSITIVE!

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