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Invitation to attend GMM of Voorburg Cricket Club on April 8

vrijdag 8 aprilThe Board of Voorburg Cricket Club invites you to attend the General members Meeting on Friday April 8 in our clubhouse. Start is 8 pm. Agenda

  1. Opening, Mededelingen, vaststelling agenda
  2. Report GMM November 26, 2015
  3. Annual report secretary
  4. Annual report treasurer
  5. Report Audit Committee
  6. Election of the Board
    • Outgoing and non-eligible is treasurer Guus Beekhof. The Board proposes to appoint Geert Rutgers in his place
    • The Board proposes to appoint Floris van Hoogdalem as commissioner events & equipment
    • All other members are re-eligible
  7. Budget 2016
  8. Appointment Audit Committee
  9. Statutes and Rules of procedure and Code of Conduct
  10. Plans Voorburg Rugby Club
  11. The 2016 season
  12. Survey
  13. Closing

On behalf of the Board Karel Philipsen secretary     Appendices:

  • Report GMM November 26, 2015
  • Financial report VCC 2015 (plus explanation)
  • Budget 2016 (plus explanation)

You can find the appendices on this (password-protected) page. Members of VCC have been sent a password by email. Some print-outs of the appendices will be available at the GMM  

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