Watch and dream with us and support the Cricket365 initiative!

We’re getting closer and closer tot the realization of our dream: the indoor facility at our Westvliet ground. Where we can play cricket 365 Days per year. We work hard on permits and subsidies, but we’re not there yet. VCC needs to raise considerable funds itself. Various members have supported this initiative, others not (yet). Maybe you want to reconsider and participate. Via a one-off donation or a tax friendly scheme for 5 years where the tax authorities will pay 40 cents of each euro that you donate. Every contribution helps! Do not hesitate to email ( us in case you have questions on how to do that. This page contains some good information as well

To help you visualise what we talk about, Stijn de Leede has created a beautiful animation of our dream. Watch and dream with us and please donate. Feel free to share this!


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