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Live stream on your TV

Google Chromecast 3 Smart - TV dongle
If you also want to follow VCC’s livestreams on your TV, you can do so quite easily:
1 For most contemporary televisions you need a so-called “Chromecast TV dongle,” which are not expensive (€39): Buy Chromecast. This allows you to watch all Youtube videos on your TV, including the FCC livestreams. Version 3 is the current/latest version.
2 By the way, newer televisions today often already have a built-in “Chromecast.

Once set up, you can start the live stream on your TV from your smartphone, tablet or computer:

  • Open the relevant live match in YouTube
  • Click on the cast icon
  • Tap the location of the Chromecast to connect
  • You can select another video to play at any time
  • To stop, tap the cast icon again and then tap Disconnect

View upcoming or past VCC livestreams Basically, the scheduled livestream are always collected there, just like in the right sidebar.

A helpful tip: Subscribe to the VCC Youtube channel and KNCB Youtube. (Some games are streamed via KNCB and others via our own VCC Youtube channel).
You can also set the alarm clock per match, then you will automatically get a reminder as soon as that match goes live.