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If you want to join VCC, you can send an email to our match secretary with your name, age and cricket experience. He will get in touch and send you a link to a registration form. Only after filling out this form, you are a member and you are required to pay the annual dues. The annual membership fees for Voorburg Cricket Club for the 2022 season (winter and summer season):

 Category All-in
Seniors (m) € 300
Young adults (m) < 23 * € 225
Training member (senior) € 225
Ladies € 175
Juniors <19 * € 175
Juniors, not playing in a league (U7) € 50
Non-playing members € 125
Donors > € 50
A-internationals ᵒ Free
* Cut-off is Aug-31 in a calendar year, the date on which you need to be younger than the indicated age. Examples:
If you turn 23 on Aug 31 2022, you are a senior in 2022 (and not a “young adult” anymore)
If you turn 19 on Sep 1, 2022, you are a junior in 2022 (and not a “young adult” yet)
ᵒ At the discretion of the Board


The Ooievaarspas offers a discount on all kinds of activities in the field of sports, culture, contribution, membership and entrance. The Ooievaarspas is for residents of The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk with a low income. More information about the Ooievaarspas can be found here.
VCC accepts the Ooievaarspas.

Bank account

NL41 RABO 01170 95 001
Voorburg Cricket Club te Leidschendam

Cancel membership

Membership runs til December 31, if you want to cancel your membership please do so before February 15 of the new year, otherwise a membership fee will be required.
Download the Membership cancelation form in case you really want to cancel your membership.

Club Transfer

If you want to play for VCC next year and you played at another club last season, you have to request a transfer. This transfer process was created by the KNCB to ensure that competitions are fair. An important condition set by clubs before accepting a transfer is the fact that the player in question has met all his financial obligations. As a departing player at another club, this means that you must have paid all your membership fees.

The Club Transfer Request Form of the KNCB must first be filled in by the player self and can then be signed by a member of the board of the club you leave (be careful that the person is authorized to sign). After that, the departing member can come with the form to VCC and VCC will arrange the rest with the KNCB.

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