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New clubhouse committee installed

The board is delighted to announce the inception of a newly formed Clubhouse committee. We have composed a group of four enthusiastic gentlemen that are willing to make their contribution to the club

  • Sander van Wissen
  • Amiet Soekhoe
  • Stefan de Graaff
  • Ricardo Goncalves

The Clubhouse committee will amongst others be responsible for:

  • Liaise with Sparta and Stichting MSW on all operational matters regarding the clubhouse
  • Coordinate opening and closing of the clubhouse
  • Manage the cleaning of the clubhouse
  • Maintain the key register and issuance/intake of keys
  • Develop ideas on small and larger improvements in the clubhouse

Any questions, requests and remarks can be directed to the members of the committee when they are on the club. Alternatively you can contact them on the email address clubhuis@voorburgcc.nl.

The establishment of committees is part of the ambition of the Board to shre the burden of the many operational activities on the club over a larger group of people. This way we safeguard the continuity on the longer term and further increase the involvement of members with the club.

The Board like to thank the members of the committee for their willingness to make their contribution to the club and wishes them a lot of fun