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What if you’re an overseas player and want to play at VCC


First of all, you have to be able to stay in The Netherlands. That means you need a visa to stay for the course of our cricket season (mid Apr – end of Aug). VCC is
providing visas or helping you writing letters to Embassies. A Dutch passport, or a passport from the EEA makes coming over for a season a lot easier.


Apart from coaches or players whom we approach ourselves, we do not provide accommodation. You will have to make sure yourself that you can live on your own.


You will have to take care of travel costs yourself. How you get in The Netherlands is irrelavant for us, but we’re not re-imbursing costs incurred and we expect you to obey the Dutch law in terms of period of stay.


We do not reward players for playing at VCC. That means you will have to make sure you are financially self-supporting. A small fee can be given if you’re a certified coach.

Membership fee

We are a club with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. We welcome everybody who respects our values and the duties that come with being a member of VCC. That includes paying a membership fee of € 325 per calendar year.


If you are a coach and want to play and coach at VCC we ask you to be recommended by someone within our network (former coaches, someone who knows the Dutch League, the circumstances, the club VCC). We only hire coaches/players recommended by our network who are able to speak and write decent English (or Dutch of course).

So what if

If you are sure you meet all criteria above, feel free to contact us via wedstrijdsecretaris@voorburgcc.nl and write a proper application letter with your motivation and qualifications. Applications that do not fulfill our minimum requirements will not be taken into consideration.