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Practice schedule as off June 1

As off May 18, not only the juniors can train, but the seniors too. Please see the attached new schedule for trainings.That’s great news obviously, but it is important we keep to the following rules:

  1. Stay home when you’re ill, have a cold or if one of the people you live with show one of these symptoms!
  2. Always follow the instructions of the Corona-officers and coaches
  3. Park at the Wellantcollege (so not adjacent to the trackfield course), enter the accommodation via the main entrance and leave via the Wilhelmus-exit
  4. Parents or spectators are not allowed at the ground
  5. Please make sure you arrive 10 min. before start and leave directly after training is over
  6. Clean your hands at arrival and do the same when you leave the ground with the disinfectant provided
  7. Bring your own equipment (legguards, (marked) ball, helmet etc.)
  8. Keep 1.5 meter distance to other athletes and coaches (not applicable for U12 and younger)
  9. Only pick-up balls, but don’t spit on them, rub or scratch them or manipulate them otherwise
  10. The clubhouse is closed and will only be accessible in case of emergency for a toilet visit, AED or First Aid