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Son of Zeus too strong for zami heroes

The zami always wins.

After all these years, is it still necessary to explain what Zami cricket is. Which is perhaps the basis of cricket. The foundation of cricket as a broad sport. Where the sport goes beyond the sport and is more than just hitting a ball. And where they always talk in superlatives and use cliches as titles of match reports.

To understand it, you have to have an eye for the small aspects on Saturday afternoons that make everyone enjoy cricket. Of course, we consider ourselves unbeatable and therefore the defeat against Hercules was mainly due to ourselves. Which may have a lot of truth in it if you give away 45 extras. We can be ashamed of that or call it good hospitality. The zami glass is often full.

Saturday’s victory (despite being a defeat) was in Marek’s 5 wickets. But even more that we were all secretly a little nervous about playing the first game. That you speak to your buddies again after a long winter. That you can’t draft players because too many want to play. And that those players do just be there to say again that they would like to participate. Have a cozy lunch and a beer afterwards. Or specially stop by. To talk about jet lag or not just tell him through the app group that he became a father, but also in person. That Frits prepares lunch like 12 men and, if he has to, just puts on his gear.

A while back I heard someone quote it, “Quite a nice club that VCC”. Thanks in part to a little zami spirit. Next week win again!