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Last Saturday, our U11 men and women played a friendly match at home against ACC.
The match stretched over 25 overs on a morning that really shouldn’t be labeled “summer”: it was blowing and, as a result, the wind chill dropped to a level more reminiscent of other seasons.
Of course, that was not to spoil the fun. First of all, there from the De Lange cricket clan we had our Richard who had thought of taking scoring to the next level. As a layman, I am trying to master the rules of the game. You think you’re just starting to get the hang of it and with trembling hands you’d like to score again, there’s our cricket crack who brings a new dimension to scoring. Using a whole load of markers as a base material, Richard created a masterpiece of the score sheet. Only by looking at the form can the advanced enthusiast envision the match step-by-step in his imagination. Try doing that with soccer 😉
We won the match 121 – 63. And here is the story behind this result.

The opponent began dangerously. ACC was allowed to field. And they had cheese on that. They had a couple of good bowlers. So much so that at one point Cedric stood with me and said, “Don’t write anything down about this match.” Still, a nice 4 from Carlin was followed up by two 4s from Cedric. However, we also had several outings before us.

The awe of the opponent was accompanied by tremendously enthusiastic ACC parents. Not only were the fathers in particular exuberant about their own team’s achievements, our U11 was also warmly cheered.

This good atmosphere was accompanied, on the one hand, by a professional silence at the scoring table and, on the other, by complete pleasant chaos around the scoreboard: the score was kept lustily from both teams, with some losing their way at times and the occasional scoreboard.

When we started fielding, it turned out we weren’t so bad off after all. It started with tight bowling from Alejo, followed by a pike dive resulting in a catch from Farhaan. Then Eddy showed with a nice catch that he was also on target and Tijn hit the wicket as a bowler.

In the debriefing, the reporter on the spot caught: “went well”, “played well, but not as well as Wednesday” and “actually I’m the man of the match”. Anyway: it was as friendly as a friendly match can be. Of course, we concluded that together in the clubhouse.

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