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The first weeks after lockdown for the juniors

I just came back from doing some chores at the club with U11 training taking place at our field. So great to see the girls and boys enjoying themselves and learning a lot! After a couple of weeks of training it is safe to say that the measures that we have taken to ensure safe training for all work! Although it took a little bit of getting used to in the beginning with a different exit and sanitizing your hands before and after training. Our latest request, to not park your car in front of the club, but use the Wellant College parking lot is also followed by the majority of parents. Thank you for that!

We owe a lot of thanks to our wonderful training staff, that ensure the possibility for our youth from U9 up to U17/U19 to be able to train as often as they do now. I’ve seen all teams train a couple of times now and I can honestly say that there is some great training going on at VCC. Also a word of thanks to our ground staff. Having all our youth team be able to train on a grass wicket and practicing in the nets is a great luxury that we must never take for granted.

As VCC Board we are eagerly following the messages that are sent out by our government with regards to Corona… will out kids be able to play competitive cricket this summer? I surely hope so and in my heart I believe they will!