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The new PR, MARKeting and Sponsoring Committee

The new year started off very well with the installation of the PRMarkS committee. This committee will take care of all tasks related to press, PR, (annual / match) reports, cricket promotion, recruiting new members and sponsors, etc., etc. Vice-chairman Richard de Lange will be the point of contact from the board, the committee consists of:

Regine Vrieze-Alewijnse

Regine Vrieze-Alewijnse. Mother of U17 player Hidde Vrieze. Doesn’t play cricket. Reliable sources say it’s better to keep it this way. Does like the game. Tried to be a good team manager in the past couple of years. Happy to contribute to the success of our wonderful club and the appeal of cricket in this region. Professional career in marketing and communications.

Laurens Boissevain

After a great start at HCC and a few super nice tours with the Dutch Lions, I took a short cricket break due to my study BBA Marketing and Sales in Amsterdam. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree and watching many hours of cricket matches, I picked up the cricket bat myself again. As an opening batsman in VCC 2 I love being involved in cricket on (and off🙃) the field. As COVID doesn’t allow me to travel, I started working with a very exciting company on my way to more skills, before I will start my masters degree.

Eva Lynch

Right handed off-spinner. Played at Bath CC for 10+ years, moved to NL and been at VCC for a season playing with the ladies team and the U18 boys. Thanks to my Dutch mother I am also part of the Dutch national team. I study supply chain management in Rotterdam and live in the Pannenkoekenstraat 😉

Harold Vogelaar

Unorthodox left-hand batsman, enjoys a juicy half-volley, talented bench sitter, can catch a ball, played for peculiar clubs like Vienna CC, DSCC, made it into adolescenthood at VCC, playing for the 2nds, once played for R&W (24 years). Hopefully scored more on the field then off the field (probably not). Knows his way around websites, (email)marketing, promo materials and stuff.


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