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U11: Debuting in front of the camera…in Hilversum

On Sunday, May 21, the season could finally begin for VCC's U11. Whereas in recent seasons, games were played mainly against clubs from South Holland, this season the KNCB is introducing VCC's U11 to cricket in North Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland. Now our team got to go out to Hilversum.

Six players dared, just enough to play the game. Five of them (Aarav & Aarav, Agamya, and Ranvir & Mohini) would play a league game with the “hard ball” for the first time. The experience came from player No. 6, Aurelio, and coach Michael Levitt (yes, “the” Michael Levitt, player of VCC1, who had already bowled in one over Max O’Dowd and Teja Nidamanuru in that week and scored a century in another match). Hilversum was so pleased with our arrival that the entire match was livestreamed .

VCC was allowed to field first. Ranvir would wicketkeeper the first 10 overs and then Agamya. (At U11, each team plays 20 overs, wickets are bonus points for the fielding team). Hilversum loaned us two fielders so we could field 8. For the rookies, accurate bowling still proved to be quite a task. Many wides were bowled. Hilversum’s batters managed to hit the occasional four, but overall we fielded reasonably well.

After 10 overs, 79 runs were on the board. With Agamya standing to bat, Ranvir was also able to bowl. In his first over, he was successful. His third ball tapped one of the bails off the wicket (see photo)!

That success inspired Aurelio a few overs later. After a dot he bowled his opponent, and on the fifth ball of the over the other batter’s leg stump had to go. No more runs were scored that over: a double wicket maiden thus for Aurelio (who made a big leap of joy after the second wicket, see photo).

A special thanks goes to the loan-fielders of Hilversum. Sometimes loan players try a little harder (for the sake of their “own” team), but those from Hilversum took their role very seriously. For example, one of the loan players made a nice run out for VCC by a direct hit from 10 yards. And another loan player, although he missed a catch, then picked up the ball so quickly that he still made a run out by a direct hit. This was the best advertisement for the spirit of cricket.

After Hilversum’s 20 overs were over, their score was 149 runs for the loss of 5 wickets.

Our batting was opened by the Aaravs (Phadke and Patil). Hilversum’s bowling was more accurate than VCC’s. Both Aaravs managed to hit 2 fours each. Running proved tough anyway with legguards on and helmet on, limiting the number of singles. Aarav Phadke went bowled once and run-out once.

Then it was the turn of the batting pair of Ranvir and Aurelio. They ran a little more actively and managed to run up the score especially with singles. Aurelio still managed to scoop a projector very professionally. Unfortunately for him, the ball bounced just before the boundary, so “only” a four. Hilversum also changed its goalie midway through. However, this boy turned out to be very nice at bowling as well. In his first over, he bowled both Ranvir and Aurelio. Ranvir went two more outs (hit wicket and run-out).

Our ladies Agamya and Mohini formed VCC’s final batting pair. They knew how to hit the ball pretty regularly, but did not always dare to make a run yet. Still, they managed to run a two once and did not go bowled. (But run out twice). In any case, it was a very educational experience (the coaches hope).

At the end of our innings, there were exactly 111 runs on the board. To that our wicket points (15) were added, so our final score was 126. That meant Hilversum had won, as their score was (149+24=) 173 runs.

After a delicious lunch, our team returned home, an experience richer. On to the next race!

KNCB U11 HB Round 3  - Hilversum v VCC