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U15 Red shows coach how to beat Red and White

While their coach Steff with VCC-2 was struggling on the main field against Red and White, U15 Red did finish their game against the same opponent already in 14 overs on field 3 . . .

Finally, the first summer day in Voorburg. Unfortunately, our U15 match against Red and White/Bloemendaal combination was scheduled on the artificial pitch where the temperature was still some degrees higher. Bloemendaal won the toss and surprisingly did start batting while it was not too hot. Our team showed an enormous improvement in bowling. The number of extras was very minimal today. A quick wicket loss of one of their openers boosted the self-confidence of the team. After the second opener was dismissed with a respectable number of 24 runs, it went very fast. The last 4 wickets were taken without a single run made in between. Bloemendaal/Red and White all out within 18 overs with a total of just 59.

While the temperature was in the meantime really tropical our team started batting. Our openers Aryan and Ger almost did the job already. But once they were both bowled and a little later the same happened to Atharva it looked like Bloemendaal didn’t want to give up too easily. With our new talent Pragnay on the pitch supported by Manoj it was clear VCC was dedicated to finish the game before it got too hot. Within 15 overs they finished the job. They were just in time back in the club house to see their coach Steff playing with VCC-2 against Red and White as well. While they were enjoying a delicious lunch, they witnessed how their coach could not follow their good example of beating Bloemendaal/Red and White combo.

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Rob Pijnenburg