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Vacancies 2023

It’s not nothing to run a sports club, so the board is pleased that we can call on volunteers a lot and often. For their own efforts, or because they have the network where support can be found. We are happy to do so again. In fact, VCC is looking to fill a number of vacancies. A treasurer, a welcome officer and several interior designers. Below is a description of what those functions entail.


The treasurer is part of the board and is responsible for the financial operations of the association. For daily accounting, there is an administrator with whom he/she works frequently. Core duties of the treasurer are:

  • Attending board meetings
  • Define and monitor financial policies VCC
  • Keeping complete accounting records (i.c.w. administrator)
  • Attached to this is a membership administration for the purpose of finances
  • Invoicing of all third-party events and sponsors
  • Payroll administration (in cooperation with an outside party)
  • Preparation of the balance sheet and operating account
  • Preparing budgets

Welcome Officer

VCC is fortunately still very popular. This manifests itself in very many requests per year for information, or concrete requests to become a member. We would like to properly guide those members in their first introduction to VCC. To that end, we are looking for someone who can give potential new members the warmest welcome they could wish for. This is what you will be doing as a Welcome Officer:

  • Handle requests for information via website, social media, email, etc.
  • In consultation with the interested person will see what kind of information is needed and how to train with them once
  • Contact training group and coach to announce that a new member will join training
  • Follow up with people who have expressed interest, to maximize the chances of them becoming members
  • Follow up to make sure a new member comfortably “lands” on a new team

Interior designers

We are fortunate to have wonderful accommodations. As a board, however, we also regularly hear internally that the clubhouse could use some sprucing up. So we have defined that as an area for improvement, the first thing we want to focus on are the improvements in terms of decoration. How do we make it cozier and do justice to our (90-year) past? Do we want Boards of Honour, pictures, prominent places for our honorary members and members of merit and ex-presidents etc etc.? Do you have something to do with decorating and would you like to come up with a plan and execute it under the guidance of a board member? Then sign up!


For all positions, please contact Richard de Lange at vicevoorzitter@voorburgcc.nl or send a call or Whatsapp message to 06 2124 8619.