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VCC 1 fails to reward itself against VRA

In the third round of the T20 competition, VCC 1 (with eight substitutes) cleverly held VRA to 113. Unfortunately, the batters failed to chase that total. Against Excelsior, VCC was then hopeless.

VRA was missing Vikram Singh, Nidamanuru and Dutt (Orange). At VCC, the damage was even greater: six internationals were missing, as well as Engelbrecht and Nieuwoudt. Still, VCC was the superior side for a long time. In the second over, Nehaan Gigani picked up a straightforward catch at deep square (5/1). Although Lefthander Tyler van Luin was simply dropped, it did not prove to be a costly miss, as an almost identical skier still got Mees van Vliet the wicket he deserved (13/2). Johan Smal (40) also got a second and even a third life before Mulder cleared him.

In this phase VCC’s catching went below rock bottom. Still, VRA did not get beyond 113/5. Sajjad Kamal excelled 3-13. Batting-wise, VCC did not come out on top. After 43/1, it became 46/5. The final total of 94 had its top scorer in Laurens Boissevain (23).

Excelsior stronger

Excelsior, who did manage to field at full strength, bowled disciplined and held VCC to just 97/7 (Musa Ahmad 29). As was to be expected, the Schiedammers did not get into trouble. Michael Hart prevailed with 52.

Photo: Excelsior’s Lorenzo Ingram hits four runs (photo: Catch of the Day BV)