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Family day signals end of season

To close the somewhat shortened season – which actually only started on 1 July – a family day was organized on Friday afternoon, September 17, under the impulse of Barbera Boissevain and José de Leede. From 5 p.m., families played against each other in an 8-a-side format. And if your name was not De Leede, you could also form a team with another family … For example, there was the Van Beuge/Nota/van Koolwijk combination in dark blue, and the Uzair/Sharma/Mahadevan in purple, in beige the De Grooth/ (Aarav) Patil/ Nottle combination and in light blue the Mosies/van Schijndel/Van Wissen/Yalini/Samanth/Mahanth combination.

More than 115 people had registered and on the day a few more came to visit, who were of course accommodated somewhere. The parents experienced how difficult it is to hit a ball, the children compensated for their clumsiness and the score was written down on a scoresheet, but not never communicated. It was a lot of fun and after playing, a delicious meal players and spectators enjoyed a wonderful meal from Lasani .

It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying the last opportunity to play some cricket outdoors in the 2021 season. A huge “thank you” to the organisers!