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VCC U17 comes up short against VOC

It was a sunny day and today VOC out was scheduled for the U17. Captain Tom won the toss and chose to bat first. Soham and Aarav were allowed to open and started fine with a partnership of 37 when Soham was caught. Vinay came in but soon lost Aarav. Cedric came in at 4 but was soon out after a boundary as well leaving VCC 58-3. Tom came in and offered something of resistance along with Hejram but no one from VCC got above 20. With the help of the wides, VCC still ended up with a total of 146 (all out).

Then it was up to VOC to show their batting and it was soon clear that it was going to be a tough day for VCC. Tom and Cedric opened the bowling but Mikkel and especially Cian seemed to have little trouble also due to many wides. Mikkel went bowled by Cedric allowing Roman to come in and he and Cian continued to bat very solidly. The VCC bowlers could not find a good rhythm and VOC continued to score easily. Bright spot in VCC’s bowling was Soham with fine figures of only 7 runs against in 2 overs. For a very long time, VOC looked like it was going to make it for 1 until Hejram Cian struck out at the last. Unfortunately, it made no difference and VOC won with 9.2 overs in hand and only 2 wickets lost.


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