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VCC U9 “A” and HCC U9 “A” make it a great battle full of boundaries and wickets

Every season, exciting matches are played between VCC and HCC in various categories. Also in the U9 this weekend was a double hit. Here is the report on how VCC U9 "A" fared against the young Crown Lions.

It was buzzing early Sunday morning at the Diepput in The Hague. Many enthusiastic U9 cricketers from the Hague region gathered there to play their matches among themselves. VCC had two teams and was also able to loan two players to HBS. The VCC U9 “A” team got to take on the “A” team of host HCC.

Our VCC team consisted of Srisrestha, Akash, Will, Ignacio, Joshua, Anav, Reyan, Mitansh, and Pranav. Our opponent HCC A was with 7 players.

The field was a bit on the small side, with the boundary behind the wicket only 4 meters behind the wicket. But then again, that makes hitting boundaries easier, of course.

VCC A was allowed to bat first. Our lady Srisreshta opened with Mitansh. After their 3 overs, 15 runs were on the board. Then came the experienced Akash along with Will. The latter, however, got a ball on his finger and went – very professionally – retired hurt. Ignacio proved a worthy replacement. Smart running and nice 4️⃣s by Akash (especially on the free hits) allowed them to add 34 runs in their three overs.

Reyan and Anav were the third pair. They scored mostly from free hits: on a wide or no-ball, the batter is allowed to hit a free hit off a batting pawn. A lot of wides were bowled against them. With all those extras, this pair scored 24 runs.

Then our power hitter Joshua came into the field along with Pranav. Lefthander Joshua hit – in his debut game – two 6️⃣jes just like that. Probably he had practiced well with his father Wijnand. Pranav also hit a 4️⃣ of a free hit. This pair provided 30 runs, although they did get 4 outs…. Finally, Will was allowed to return one more over and together with Ignacio they knocked in 7 more runs.

Total score: 110 runs in 13 overs. We did go out nine times, four bowled and five run-outs.

In our bowling innings we bowled fairly disciplined (better than HCC, at least fewer wides). Akash bowled 2 wickets and no wide. Ignacio bowled a maiden in his second over and Will and Mitansh also bowled few wides. Srisrestha also showed he had a nice bowling action (see photo).

HCC tried to take good advantage of the free hit opportunities. These then often knocked them out in front of 4️⃣. A curious “out” was a “hit wicket” on the bowling of Joshua. Because HCC had only 7 players, they played a shorter innings. In the end, they scored 95 runs from 10.3 overs. And we had also taken 9 wickets (as had HCC): 4 bowled, one hit wicket and four run-out.

So an evenly matched battle. Then we were allowed to look for lunch at HCC. Which was not easy to find, but turned out to be in the clubhouse, hopefully most found it anyway. An educational morning for all. On to the next carousel.