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VOC U17 wins battle of 2021 U15 final contenders

VCC innings

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. Captain Jacobus won the toss and elected to bat first. Cedric and Shirsak open the batting. Shirsak is on strike and hits the ball to point. He calls “yes that’s a run.” Cedric didn’t hear the call and stayed at the non-strikers and. At the end he decides to run and he is out. 3 runs out of 9 balls. Next in is Jacobes. Together with Shirsak they built a bit of a partnership which is very hard because VOC is bowling pretty good. Then Jacobus starts hitting the balls of his bat. He hits a couple of 4’s. At the end he goes out caught by Siebe bowled by Roman. 31 runs out of 29 balls. Tom is next in. As I said
it’s very hard to bat on this bowling attack and after 4 runs of 8 balls he goes out bowled by Finn. Aldino is next in. Shirsak is on strike tries to hit the ball for 4 at the leg-side but he got caught behind by Tom bowled by Siebe. 13 runs out of 44 balls. Harris next in. Then Aldino goes out bowled by Taha. 3 runs out of 14 balls. Alejo next in. VCC lost too many wickets in the first overs. Alejo and Harris were building a good partnership and especially Harris was batting very well. Until he got out L.B.W by Siebe. 37 runs of 32. Daniël next in. But after 7 balls he returned to the dressing room as he was bowled bij Siebe. 1 run out of seven balls. Carlijn next. But also she had to return quickly to the dressing room as she hit the ball straight up in the air. Caught R. Malik bowled Roman. 1 run of 3 balls. Ahan next in. Six runs later he got out as well chaught Cian bowled Koen. 6 runs out of 5 balls. Alejo: 12* runs out of 19 balls. VCC 154 all out after 28.3 overs.

Harris: 37 of 32,  Jacobus: 31 of 29, Shirsak: 13 of 44
Siebe: 5-3, Roman: 12-2, Koen: 6-1

VOC innings

The batting was opent by Koen and Mikkel who were hitting all the balls away with both 130+ strike rate. Carlijn broke that partnership with bowling Mikkel out. 17 runs 13 balls. R. Malik next. Moments later Ahan bowled Koen out. 23 runs of 12 balls. Roman next in. Vcc must get that run rate under control or they will lose. And they did. From over 15 to 23 VOC were not going 10 per over but 5.5. Good job don’t let this slip. But then what everyone was afraid of happend Roman was hitting the balls well. But his teammate got out. Bowled by Tom. 18 runs out of 60 balls. Tom in next. First 5 balls of Tom were all dots. But then he hitted one of the biggest sixes I ever saw a young man play. Luckily VCC got him out quickly after that. Caught behind Cedric bowled by Tom. Siebe in next. It was a tight game; they needed 43 runs of 30 balls but still got Roman in. He started hitting very good shots and finished the game with 11 balls to spare.

Roman: 43 of 60, Koen: 23 of 12, Mikkel 17 of 13
Tom: 15-2, Carlijn: 14-1, Ahan: 1-28

VOC won the match with 6 wickets and 11 balls to spare. Congratulations VOC!

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