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Volunteers are needed for all activities in the club to run smoothly. We rejoice in the many members who contribute in the clubhouse, on a committee, as youth leaders on the field or in other ways. Further arrangements should be made for volunteer work. This chapter elaborates on this.


Each member is required to volunteer. For senior members, these consist primarily of bar, clubhouse and grounds services.

There are also other volunteer activities such as committee duties, coaching and management duties, coaching, umpiring, etc. Usually calls are posted for this purpose and people can sign up.

Parents of youth members are required to volunteer. If one is a parent in addition to being a senior member, one has two obligations. Youth members can also be assigned to volunteer.

Volunteers also bear responsibility. This applies to their own actions while doing the job, as well as to intervening in cases of wrongdoing and reporting incidents.


The work

  1. Every playing member or parent of a youth member has the obligation to work a four-hour bar shift twice a season. Redemptions can and must be reported to a person designated by the board. Those who do not show up without notice will be fined. The amounts due for redemption and penalty shall be determined by the Board.
  2. All parents of youth members should be available for transportation of their children at youth games. Parents of junior members should take turns providing lunch for juniors.
  3. Each volunteer is responsible for their own actions while performing work.


Incident reporting.

The volunteer should report as soon as possible any events that have resulted or could have resulted in a harmful consequence to one or more involved in the Association. The notification should be made bi the club captain or the board.


Transgressive behavior/risky situations

If a volunteer identifies that there is (potentially) transgressive behavior or a risky situation, he first tries to speak to the person in question about it. Further, if still necessary, he shall report to the Board. Cross-border behavior covers a wide area. It may include sexual harassment, alcohol abuse, stealing or vandalizing, threatening weapons or threatening verbal or physical violence. Whatever the underlying motives of the perpetrator, transgressive behavior is not and cannot be. Action must be taken against it. That is the starting point.


Alcohol consumption while volunteering

  1. A volunteer who drives or is to drive a car for the benefit of the Association does not drink alcohol and is and will remain sober.
  2. A volunteer should not drink alcohol during an athletic activity when in charge.
  3. A volunteer is expected to appear sober at the activity for which he is assigned.



Insurance policies in effect for the benefit of volunteer officers are listed on the website in the Association Information Bundle .