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VRA vs. VCC women (June 17)

Value members,

Saturday, June 17, we were invited to VRA to play a sunny game on Field 3. Minor bummer for a few but, of course, the knob was immediately turned and the focus was on the field. Tet (Babette de Leede) put in the warm up to get the muscles well warmed up and our new captain since this season, Annemijn (van Beuge), tooted (afterwards) in our favor to field. The heat was already being felt at 9:30 in the morning but encouraging words from Rose (Rosalie Lawrence) and Sara (Asmussen) kept the atmosphere good.
Sjaak (Iris Zwilling) kicked off the game with a beautiful first over which set the tone. And the field was a bit sparse with 8 ladies but thanks to wonderful slides by Jules (Julia Corder), Grace (Ward-Clayton) and Sara, among others, two players too few were not to be noticed. The runs were ticking away and the sweat rose to my head but then Tet came into the field as a bowler who gave an unexpected turn to the match. Hold on:
With no less than 1 wicket against the posts, thanks to Tet and 2 catches from both Fleur (Roscam Abbing) and Annemijn, the 20 overs were reached for VRA with a total score of 143. Class ladies!

The batting suits were allowed on and after 13 overs we were allowed to take the win. I couldn’t have wished for a better entrance into this cozy team.

Greetings, Maud

I. Zwilling 12
R. Lawrence 8
B. de Leede 79
S. Asmussen 29