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We proudly present the Muco & Friends T20 Premier League!

Fortunately, we have been able to train for some time in era without competition and we have also been able to play a number of friendlies internally. Time to make that a bit more official, and we are happy to present the Muco & Friends T20 Premier League from 21 June to 26 July!

Four teams (about eighteen players each) play a double round robin tournament on 6 match days (12 games). As of Sunday, a T20 game will be played every Sunday at 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM. See the schedule below.

And besides hopefully giving lots of fun, we would also like to put our charity Muco & Friends in the spotlight again. This Foundation is committed to children with Cystic Fibrosis and devotes 100% of all donations they receive to research into the fight against CF. There will be ample opportunity for the teams to donate on match days, or buy a Muco monkey (if the clubhouse can open again).

Participating teams

This team recruited its captain from the MCC Young Cricketers Academy . Bas de Leede put together a team that will be a title candidate.
One of the opposing captains is Philippe Boissevain (also MCC YCA) and he will be assisted by Sono Zaïdi, the owner of Homegym. For sure  the Tigers will benefit of the fitness and lifestyle tips of its sponsor.
The  hardhitters expect to score many sixes over cow corner, towards the meadow with the cows, under captaincy of Viv King(ma). Also the only team having a woman in the selection(Babette de Leede).
An outsider, the company cricket team of Maersk. They dare to play the selection teams of VCC and will be underdog in the tournament. Whatever way that goes, we’re sure that -once the club house will open up- they will win the 3rd innings

Fixture list

Date Home Away Time
21-06-2020 Bas Bosses King Cows 1:00 pm
21-06-2020 Homegym Tigers Maersk Stars 4:00 pm
28-06-2020 Bas Bosses Homegym Tigers 1:00 pm
28-06-2020 Maersk Stars King Cows 4:00 pm
05-07-2020 King Cows Homegym Tigers 1:00 pm
05-07-2020 Maersk Stars Bas Bosses 4:00 pm
12-07-2020 Maersk Stars Homegym Tigers 1:00 pm
12-07-2020 King Cows Bas Bosses 4:00 pm
19-07-2020 Homegym Tigers Bas Bosses 1:00 pm
19-07-2020 King Cows Maersk Stars 4:00 pm
26-07-2020 Homegym Tigers King Cows 1:00 pm
26-07-2020 Bas Bosses Maersk Stars 4:00 pm