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Who wants to sponsor the BBQ after the VCC 1 matches?

Until now, we’ve had some very good BBQ’s after the home  games of VCC 1! Thanks to our BBQ-sponsors Jos Jochemsen, Wim en Yvonne Kroes, Sander van Wissen, Art Wings (Bacon family) en Rutger Beekhof. Great that you’re supporting VCC 1 in such a positive way!
Of course we’re hoping to continue this tradition also after the next home games.

And of course you’re invited to join the team at the BBQ after the game! What’s better than enjoying together as a team (and supporters are most welcome to join, for only 5 euro’s) a BBQ after the game, at our own beautiful terrace on a Summer evening? That’s what makes a good cricket day also a good club-day!
This Sunday after the home match vs Salland CC Atif Aziz from Halal Burger Company is sponsoring the BBQ.
We’re also looking for new sponsors for the home games after the holiday break. Could be a BBQ, could be an Indonesian meal or something else. But what’s better than enjoying the game and have a BBQ at our own VCC terrace at a summer Sunday?
Please let me know if you’re one of our next BBQ-sponsors? Send me an email (marjanvangiezen@icloud.com), or let Jos or Karel know. We will warmly welcome you as VCC 1 BBQ-sponsor!  
We hope to see many supporters at VCC coming Sunday against Salland!