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Enter your predictions for the World Cup!

Predict the results for the World Cup !

[Dutch version] 1. Predict the results of the CWC games. Every good prediction gives you 30 points. A tie does not give any points. 2. After the first round, so from the quarter finals onwards you only have to predict who will be going through to the next round. These are the points you will get with a good prediction:

  • Correct quarter finalist : 30 points per correct country
  • Correct semi-finalist : 40 points per correct country
  • Correct finalist : 50 points per correct country
  • Correct worldchampion: 75 points

3. You also pick 2 players per country, they can score points for you. 4. The players (based on the pre-selections for the CWC 2011) are divided in four different categories: Batsmen, Bowlers, Allrounders and Wicketkeepers. 5. In every match played, your picked players can score points for you. If a player doesn’t play, you don’t get any points. For each catch your player earns you 2 bonus points. More points can be scored or penalty points deducted as follows: A: Selected players in the category Batsmen: For every 5 runs more than 30 individual runs:                1 bonus point A Batsman stays not out with more than 30 runs:           1 bonus point The total number of points scored by the batsman will be doubled if he scores a century. For example: Tendulkar scores 110 not out. You get 16 points based on every 5 runs over 30 (110-30=80, 80/5 = 16), 1 point for staying not out. Total 17 points, mulitplied by 2 because of the century scored. So in total 44 points. Points won for catches will not be multiplied. Penalty points: if a batsman scores less than 30 runs you will get 1 penalty point. If he scores less than 20 runs again 1 penalty point. Less than 10 runs: again 1 penalty point and if he scores a duck, you get another 3 penalty points. So if your batsman gets a duck you get 5 penalty points in total. The penalty points will not be given if the batsman did not bat or if he stays ‘not out’ or retires. B: Selected players in the category bowlers:

  • For every wicket taken by your bowler:   2 bonus points
  • For a 5 wicket haul the total score will be doubled.
  • For a hattrick and/or a 10-wicket innings the score will be tripled.

Penalty points: If the economy rate of your bowler is above 5, you will get 3 penaltypoints. For example: Steyn takes 5 wickets but the economy rate is more than 5 per over.  The score is 10 (5 wickets x 2 points) minus 3 (economy rate is above 5 per over) = 12 points, multiplied by 2 because of the 5-wicket innings is in total 24 points. Catches don’t count for the multiplier. C: Allrounders: For the allrounders the same bonus and penalty points are applicable as for batsmen and bowlers. Multipliers are being calculated seperately for batting and bowling performance of your allrounder. D: Wicketkeepers: For a wicketkeeper the same bonus and penalty points are applicable as for batsmen. For every catch or stumping a wicketkeeper gets 4 points. The points will be doubled if his total amount  of catches/stumpings is 5 or more per match. 6. The points will be calculated based on the scorecards on the BBC website. 7. The fee per person is € 10,00 and has to paid before 22 Februari on bankaccount ABN AMRO BANK (Club van 100 at Leidschendam). 8. The participant who is on top of the league at the end of the first round will receive  € 50,-. 9. The personwho is on top of the league after the final, will receive 30% of the total amount of the fees paid. If two or more participants end ex aequo, the money will be devided in equal parts. The runner up will receive 10% and the 3rd place will receive 7% of the total fees paid. The profit (approx. 50% of the paid fees) will be donated to the ‘Club van 100’. So this money will be spent for promoting youth cricket at VCC. 10. You can also earn points for bonus questions; good answers will give you 20 or 30 points or if nobody has the wrigt answer, 15 or 10 points for the nearest guess. These points will be given at the end of the tournament. 11. The winner is the participant with the highest score at the end of the tournament. 12. Everybody can participate, you don’t have to be a member of VCC. 13. The digital form has to be filled in through the website at latest on Friday the 18th of Februari at 10 pm. Check the website to be sure that your participation is accepted. 14. In case of any doubt or discussion about the rules, a decision wil be made by the CWC pool organisers. (many thanks to Jeroen van Wolferen from Kampong!)

Mike Vroom (getalletjes), Harold Vogelaar (techniek), wkpool@voorburgcc.nl